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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
Reducing Defects and Waste

Lean Six Sigma is used globally to improve enterprise performance and eliminate waste. The purpose of this article is to describe Lean Six Sigma and explain its major components. Click here to read more.


Why People Make Bad Decisions
The Role of Cognitive Biases

People make many decisions. In decision-making scenarios people use "rules of thumb" (heuristics) to assist in decision-making. Often the heuristics lead to decisions contrary to the desired outcomes. Click here to download the PDF presentation.


A Foundation for Excellence
Implementing a 5S Process

The benefits of implementing a 5S process include a safer work environment, greater efficiency, and higher morale. The article outlines the basic steps of a 5S process. Click here to read more.


Sustain Your 5S Program
The 5S Survey System

Measurement, reinforcement, and awareness are critical success factors in sustaining a 5S program. The 5S Survey System sustains your 5S program creating awareness, measuring performance and monitoring progress overtime. Click here to read more.


Online Design of Experiments

LeanUX (lean user experience) experimentation has mostly focused on "A/B" testing. This presentation reviews how full and half factorial design of experiments might be used in Lean User Experience design. Click here to download the PDF presentation.


Demystifying Lean
Going to Gemba

Starting with the premise that value is defined by the customer, this presentation reviews the principles of Lean in the context of the 21st century economy, and what this means to you and your organization. Click here to download the PDF presentation.

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